Bantel represented in American Art Collector

Floral art by Marieluise Bantel is represented with a full page in the January issue of the renowned US art magazine “American Art Collector”. The focus of this issue is on still lifes.

The article entitled “Observing beauty” shows two paintings as well as Ms Bantel in her studio. In the text, she explains the deeper themes underlying her flower paintings and the meaning and beauty to be found in fading flowers.

Floral art by Marieluise BantelWith her floral art she takes up a classical still life theme, but processes it in a modern way. Contrary to the usual depictions of whole bouquets, which are shown in vanitas still lifes, the focus is on individual plants. Moreover, the plants are more advanced in the process of withering.

If you would like to learn more about the magazine or read the whole article about Bantel flower paintings, please visit the website of the “American Art Collector”:
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