Roses and their companions – exhibition in the town hall Mössingen

Roses and their companions (17 May – 11 Sept. 2015 in the town hall of Mössingen)

Every year thousands of visitors from all over the region come to experience the spectacle of the rose market in Mössingen. This is one of the largest markets for rose lovers and art lovers in Southern Germany. Exactly at this time the exhibition “Roses and their companions” took place in the Mössingen town hall. The opening speech was held by the mayor of Mössingen, Michael Bulander.

The city of Mössingen reported in detail about the exhibition. Furthermore, the newspaper Reutlinger Generalanzeiger reported in its print edition of May 18, 2015 and the magazine for the Lake Constance region “Seehas” reported in its 06/07 2015 edition.

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