Vita & Exhibitions


Marieluise Barbara Bantel was born in Metzingen, Baden-Württemberg. Her childhood in a rural environment and early stays in England deepened her closeness to nature, which is also reflected in her paintings. She prefers to paint flowers, especially roses. Her works reflect the richness of colour, the expressiveness and beauty of flowers. She tries to capture what the short-lived beauty of the plants wants to tell us – in this way she creates very different works. With her flower painting Marieluise Barbara Bantel shows her connection to nature. She captures the expressiveness of the flowers in many different ways. The splendour of flowers always wants to tell us something. With its curvatures, ramifications, elevations, depressions, shapes and play of colours, it wants to capture us, exchange with us and delight us. Ms. Bantels paintings in oil capture the effect of the flowers and carry the viewers away into a colourful world.

Marieluise Bantel studied free painting at the “Freie Kunstschule Stuttgart – Akademie für Kunst und Design” and graduated with a diploma.

Exhibitions & Awards

Collective Art Show 03/03/21 – 03/18/21 Van Gogh Art Gallery / Madrid (Spain)

2020 (February)
Winner of the Ash Wednesday Art Prize
Freie Kunstschule Stuttgart – Academy of Art and Design

Paintings & Poetry 09/24/18 – 10/19/18 / Volksbank Ermstal-Alb / Metzingen

Plants dance (Pflanzenreigen)
06/02/17 – 09/10/17 / Crona hospitals / Tübingen

Rosen and their diversity
10/16/16 – 10/23/16 / Residential Palace Ludwigsburg / Ludwigsburg
In the garden 08/21/16 – 10/13/16 / Filseck Castle / Göppingen

(judged exhibition – one of the winning pictures) November 2015 / Linus Galleries (Los Angeles, USA)
Roses and their companions 05/17/15 – 09/11/15 / Town hall / Mössingen

Rosen, tulips, carnations …
06/08/14 – 06/15/14 / Castle Kalteneck / Holzgerlingen
Flora (judged exhibition – one of the winning pictures) January 2014 / Linus Galleries (Los Angeles, USA)

… in every season
10/13/13 – 10/20/13 / Residential Palace Ludwigsburg / Ludwigsburg
Roses in oil 02/20/13 – 06/30/13 / Museum of local history “Beim Strumpfar” / Oberstaufen